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Fly Fishing

Mini Grand Slam in Australia

Wednesday, 01 January 2020 12:13
A New South Wales mini-grand slam; rainbow, brook and brown trout from tiny Australian streams by Nick Taransky. Please click in images to enlarge them Says Nick... It’s feeling very Autumnal here, but some reasonably warm weather got me away from rods and renovations with my mate Troy to try…


Tuesday, 22 October 2019 10:55
Hunting Small Stream Trout in Australia… by Arno Crous I suppose the question is what constitutes a small stream? In the fly-fishing world, this is akin to asking a random person where the colour blue starts and ends in the visible light spectrum. Yes, one can get extremely serious with…
by Gijsbert Hoogendoorn Photos by the author and by Darryl Lampert including the header photo -   Stillwater fly-fishing has progressed significantly over the last twenty years, and my interest in stillwater fly fishing has evolved considerably since I wrote “My Six Pack of Stillwater Flies” on this website in 2014.…
Copies of Yet More Sweet Days were delivered to my home last week. The book is very pleasing. It has a comfortable feel of sumptuousness, the cover is pleasantly evocative and the pen and ink sketches have been expertly reproduced.         The book is now available in bookstores…
Writing ‘Matching the Hatch’ saw a young university student, Ernest Schweibert, join the pantheon of fly-fishing greats, but by serendipitous accident I discovered that a similarly analytical approach to imitation and selectivity is being used here in South Africa – but with minnows. But to get back to my story.…
Nick Taransky on a New South Wales mini-grand slam; rainbow, brook and brown trout from tiny Australian streams In New South Wales, Australia, my friend Nick Taransky makes fine bamboo rods. He is also a small-stream fanatic and as we were coming to the end of our respective fishing seasons,…
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