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The intention of this website is to provide fly fishers with a refuge when they can’t go fishing and some hints and help when they can. The focus is mainly on small streams and trout, with a leaning towards appropriate flies, bamboo rods, handmade nets, angling art, fly fishing literature and fly fishing photography. But this is not the exclusive focus of this website. Stillwaters and large trout feature, as do indigenous South African fish, like yellowfish and tigers. Fly tying is given the prominence it deserves, wherever possible with step-by-step illustrations. The site provides a free service for anglers to sell second hand tackle and books and there is a guide to venues available for fly fishing in South Africa. Links are provided to other relevant and interesting fly fishing websites.

Finally I most want this site to be a minor celebration of the poetry of fly fishing. The poetry of fly fishing means just what it says; that within it there is an underlying beauty that’s there if you want to find it and not if you don’t. It’s up to you. Those of who do find it believe it adds something valuable to the experience, even if we aren’t quite sure what that actually is.

- Tom Sutcliffe