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Fly Fishing

Short rods for small streams by Ed Herbst

Saturday, 21 January 2017 12:14
- ‘Whatever its nature, Lilliput water in any form offers the fly fisher one constant thing. This is its store of bright, and somehow cheerful little trout, as wild as the midget creatures on which they prey. Sadly, few of us pay lasting tribute to the Lilliputs we know, forgetting…
 - Most Enjoyable Articles from 2016's Newsletters... I asked a number of friends to review The Spirit of Fly Fishing's 2016 newsletters and select their favourite articles, images, flies, quotes, or whatever else had struck a chord with them; a thankless job, but they came up trumps. I did not influence…
With an afternoon free recently I fished a small Cape stream alone. In the first 100 metres it seemed the trout had disappeared, but eventually a few fish made a timid and tentative appearance. I was relieved to see them, given the drought we've had here in the Cape. One…
Ngwenya Lodge is near Komatipoort on the Mozambique border. The Kruger National Park lies directly across the Crocodile River from the lodge and our annual getaway here allows us to spend time on a  deck, safely behind an electric fence, watching the park animals come down to drink from the…

Grayling on the Yorkshire Dales

Monday, 21 November 2016 10:52
- By Alex Hathorn with images by Stuart Minnikin. My article is prompted by the insert from Andrew Apsley in the July 2016 edition about grayling caught in the River Avon in southern England. Some years ago, while living and working in London, I made the acquaintance of a Yorkshire…
In a recent discussion with Alan Hobson who guides from Somerset East on some of the exceptional trout dams in the area as well as at Sterkfontein Dam near Harrismith, he told me that some of his guests have only one way of fishing – double haul your fly as…