• Holsloot rainbow 2

    Holsloot rainbow 2 - Click the image to enlarge.

  • Joggem stream boulders

    Joggem stream boulders - Click the image to enlarge.

  • Landscape on Gatehead

    Landscape on Gatehead - Click the image to enlarge.

  • Bokspruit E Cape

    Bokspruit E Cape - Click the image to enlarge.

  • Balloch stream

    Balloch stream - Click the image to enlarge.

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Fly Fishing

From my August 2016 Fly Fishing Newsletter

Thursday, 01 September 2016 14:07
For the past ten days I have been recouperating at home after elective surgery (which happily went well), but as a result there's been no fishing for me. It has, though, given me ample opportunity to re-visit a few interesting fishing writers, including Peter Hayes (Fly Fishing Outside the Box),…


Sunday, 07 August 2016 14:18
Most spools of fly tying thread come with a slightly angled groove cut into in outer upper rim of the plastic spool itself into which the thread, floss, silk, holographic tinsel or wire, as they case may be, can be locked between use. But not all spools have this facility…
  - Images of the month. These delightful photographs were taken by my good friend Robin Douglas – along with a few decent trout – fishing Bluegum Dam on the Lourensford Estate. Later Robin sent me this note on the nearby Lourens River: Click in images to enlarge Thought you…
In a recent posting on this website (http://www.tomsutcliffe.co.za/fly-fishing/fly-tying/item/1101-para-rab-with-spun-squirrel-hair.html ) I included a Para-RAB, Philip Meyer's celebrated pattern, tied with spun squirrel tail fibres set in a dubbing loop and tied in parachute style around a Poly Yarn post. (Any suitable wing post of your choice would do.) The method is…
 Gordon Van der Spuy writes on the programme and list of participants and events for the  ' South African Fly fishing and Fly Tying Expo 2016' -  Says Gordon vorganiser of the event: We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who made this day possible. We…


Tuesday, 12 July 2016 13:51
 Article and images Tom Sutcliffe - It always struck me that the way squirrel tail fibres are tied in on Philip Meyer's Para-RAB is at best haphazard and arbitrary. Most of us tie in a small bunch near the post or between the post and the eye of the hook,…