• Lourens River

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  • Jan du Toits

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  • Release in bubble water

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  • Fins

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  • Holsloot rainbow

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Fly Fishing


Sunday, 15 January 2012 09:29
JAN MALAN WRITES ABOUT A GLIMPSE HE GOT OF THE UPPER SAALBOOM RIVER, BARKLY EAST DISTRICT A lovely piece of investigative fly fishing – or fly fishing R & D Jan wrote recently ‘I've been meaning to send you these shots for a long time, but only now getting round…
READERS IMAGES PART 15 – NEIL HAYES HILL ON THE OKAVANGO AND ON HIS ART An abbreviated biography From Neil Hayes-Hill My paternal grandfather, Harry Hayes-Hill, fished the upper Zambezi annually at Nantunga channel, Caprivi, and took me along during my teenage years in the 60's, where I unwittingly learnt…


Friday, 02 December 2011 04:43
VALENTINE ATKINSON IN FLY FISHING PHOTOGRAPHY Val has kindly contributed a heap of pictures to the site. I have made a random selection with the aim of giving you some insights into what has made this man arguably the most eminent fly fishing photographer of all time. It’s a medley…


Saturday, 26 November 2011 06:39
FLY FISHING THE BUSHMAN’S AND LOTHENI RIVERS IN THE FOOTHILLS OF THE DRAKENSBERG KZN Photo essay from Darryl Lampert I was delighted to get these images and hear of this two day trip from Darryl and Jan Korrubel because for too long these streams were trapped in a drought and…


Monday, 21 November 2011 04:15
READER'S IMAGES PART 13 From Ruhan Neethling in South Island, New Zealand Storm damage in the Nottingham Road area KZN from Jan Korrubel

A day on the Bushman's and Lotheni

Monday, 24 October 2011 12:19
 A day on the Bushman's and Lotheni by Jan Korrubel I had Darryl Lampert visit with me last weekend, and we planned a day each on the Bushman’s and Lotheni Rivers.  The Bushman's on Saturday exceeded all expectations. It was one of those days when we lost count of the…