• River bones

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  • Small trout

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  • Gateshead cottage

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  • Karnemelk 5

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  • Fine catch

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Fly Fishing


Wednesday, 23 March 2011 05:32
READER’S PICTURES PART 7 I am indebted to Robin Fick and Kevin Cooke for this series of images. There’s little wrong with them, but I will tweak them a bit in a software programme called Photoshop to show you how you can enhance an image using one or two simple…
GERHARD LAUBSCHER I have watched the evolution of Gerhard's fly fishing and parallel with that his almost complete mastery of fly fishing photography. Looking back at the times we fished together in earlier years I remember him carrying a Minolta film camera and always squeezing the most out of it.…


Wednesday, 09 March 2011 04:52
MORE GERRIT REDPATH IMAGES There is much in common between the written essay and a photograph. Each should tell a simple, uncluttered story leaving the reader, or the viewer captured, and with a little mystery balanced with some joy and understanding. In my view Gerrit has managed this nicely with…


Monday, 07 March 2011 04:31
READER'S PHOTOS PART 6 Sharland Urquhart's Images Elandspad River Western Cape Elandspad rainbow and below, Craig Thom using a Tenkara rod on the Holsloot River Western Cape Sharland on the Elandspad River Some more Agostino Gaglio images Sekoma Lodge Tigerfish Fishing the Little Dwars River Western Cape Not short of…
GERRIT REDPATH - ACE FLY FISHING PHOTOGRAPHER Gerrit  is a keen and now widely experienced fly fisher living in Bloemfontein about whom I feel a little guilty. Our paths first crossed when I’d just published Hunting Trout. I was on my countrywide, six week sales pitch trip with my truck…


Saturday, 26 February 2011 05:19
THE LITTLE POTT RIVER – GEORGE BRITS This is a charming stream 15 kilometres to the north of the village of Maclear. It runs in wonderfully rugged sandstone topography and carries a good head of brown trout. It’s superb nymphing water – Zaks, Flashbacks or Gold-ribbed Hare’s Ears and PTNs…