• Trout on Branksome waters

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  • Upper Bokspruit E Cape 3

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Fly Fishing


Friday, 18 February 2011 15:13
READER'S IMAGES PART 3 From Jonathan Boulton of Mavungana Fly Fishing Centre Dullstroom Dawn on a Dullstroom stillwater John Thoabala's largemouth yellowfish Jonatahn with a Nile Perch, Egypt Peacock Bass, Amazon River From Agostino Gaglio of Klerksdorp Agostino, Sterkfontein Dam And here's one I did a little work on for…


Wednesday, 16 February 2011 04:10
 FROM TOM LEWIN A couple of pics I took while bumming around in RMNP. The Greenback Cutthroats were just incredible. Pure indigenous strain and one of the last remaining headwater reaches where they can be found. It entailed a 31/2 hour hike up to around 8900ft and a 40m slide on my…


Saturday, 12 February 2011 13:14
READER’S PHOTO IMAGE GALLERY AND FORUM Long back I discovered that fly fishing photography is an absorbing pastime, maybe because in its own way it has so much in common with fishing itself.  It’s creative, mostly challenging, at times dead easy and like fishing, there’s an incidence of sheer luck…

Dean Riphagen on the Henry's Fork

Thursday, 13 September 2012 16:15
FISHING THE HENRY’S FORK – IS THIS ‘THE FINAL EXAM’ IN FLY FISHING MASTERCLASS? OR WHAT’S IT REALLY LIKE TO FISH THE FABLED ‘FORK? Text Dean Riphagen. Pictures Dean Riphagen and Rowan Nairn Rowan Nairn 2012 marked the 10th year that we (Frontier Fly Fishing) have attended the International Fly…
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