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Fly Fishing

Stefan Ooshuizen is a South African geologist working in western Africa. As with professionals of this ilk, he works for a few weeks non- stop and then gets a useable amount of leave. Often on these occasions he comes up to Rhodes to spend a few days with me on…
- A layman's view. Competitive fly fishing has always been a bit of foreign concept for me. I’ve always thought the idea behind fly fishing was to relax; the idea of doing it competitively sort of negated  that for me. So imagine my surprise when I was asked to come…
I have always been fascinated by the small streams in the Appalachian and Adirondack Mountains in the USA and avidly read articles by those who fished them such as Harry Murray and Fran Betters, so when I read of a book called ‘Adirondack Flies’ by J P Ross I asked…

Trout and wasps by Ed Herbst

Saturday, 23 May 2015 10:19
In his book, Fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which was published in 2010, Jim Casada says: “Without any question, the single most productive color when it comes to catching trout in the southern Appalachians is yellow.” Does this have any relevance to small stream fly fishing…
In one respect UV resins have replaced superglue in my fly tying and that is in locating tungsten bodies on hooks. This was always a precarious business as you wanted the get the tungsten body to stick to the hook but not get stuck to the hook or the tungsten…
This week I want to look at the concept of twisting CDC in a split thread. Well, actually , in a loop of sorts. Conventionally, when people spin CDC they split the thread. A nice multi-fibred thread like the Gordon Griffiths sheer is ideal in this regard, as it lies…