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Fly Fishing

As a young tier in high school I’d spend many hours burning mono eyes for damsel and dragon imitations. I found melting my own eyes gave me a more realistic looking eye. The shape was simply better, not totally round but slightly flatter and more tear-shaped. Do trout care? Probably…
 – the developer of one of the world’s greatest dry flies, the Klinkhåmer Special, paints a most interesting and personal picture of what fly fishing and fly tying have meant to him. Says Hans: Not so long ago, someone unfamiliar with the sport of Fly Fishing, ask me to try…
Barry de Klerk says ‘I have the following rods and reels for sale.  All items are used but in good condition.’ 1. Orvis Clearwater Rod Click to enlarge Model: Henry’s Fork Length: 8’6”   Line: #5 This rod has an un-sanded blank.  What Orvis referred to as the ‘honourable scar’.…
And he has plenty of pictures to prove it.  Jan says water temperatures are dropping nicely all round, sitting at around 17deg.C for both in the stillwaters and the rivers.  I was concerned that a report of some 160mm of rain in the Giant’s Castle area while I was away…