• Rainbowed surface

    Rainbowed surface - Click the image to enlarge.

  • Birnham rainbow E Cape

    Birnham rainbow E Cape - Click the image to enlarge.

  • De Mond 16

    De Mond 16 - Click the image to enlarge.

  • de Jong Witels 3

    de Jong Witels 3 - Click the image to enlarge.

  • Coldbrook E Cape 23

    Coldbrook E Cape 23 - Click the image to enlarge.

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Fly Fishing

– The Smalblaar. Robin Douglas and I fished the Smalblaar this week, but not before asking ourselves if the trip was worthwhile, given the dry conditions here in the Western Cape the past three months. In the end we went, if only on the back of the clear logic that…
For the countless years I have tied artificial flies and I have realized over time that my tying has become increasingly basic in order to produce quick and effective patterns. Here I introduce my latest type of parachute fly that I tie using a cock hackle wrapped on itself with…
Mzelwa ‘ZAK’ Gwala passes on – A tribute to a great man and his link to a trout fly. I have time to spare. I’m alone in my mud-spattered truck in the Natal Midlands, drifting slowly up the ‘Meander’ route between Howick and Nottingham Road. On the southern skyline I…
As a young tier in high school I’d spend many hours burning mono eyes for damsel and dragon imitations. I found melting my own eyes gave me a more realistic looking eye. The shape was simply better, not totally round but slightly flatter and more tear-shaped. Do trout care? Probably…