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Pete Brigg's paragraph - Third in the series

Sunday, 12 September 2010 06:05




Pieter Taljaard, Bushmans River KZN

Out of the water they will suffocate - underwater in the cold, liquid atmosphere of the stream, wild, speckled shapes move the way of the flow  - skin ripples and gives against the current, bound only by the limits of skeleton the literal stretch of skin is close to being made of river. Gills move with the slightest motion, mouths open and close almost imperceptibly, fins hold them in perfect balance between water and sky. And then, at the slightest hint of anything unfamiliar, in a heartbeat, disappear – there, but momentarily gone, a kaleidoscope of gold and rainbow colours, liquid patterns that seem to melt in and out of reality like illusions in the stream.



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