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21 September Newsletter non-appearance

Sunday, 28 September 2014 12:49
It seems some subsrcibers didn't get last week's newsletter due to a technical glitch that seemed to involve mostly people with -mweb email addresses. It seems the matter has now been rectified, but my aplogies to those affected. Tom Sutcliffe
Seldom have I been more enthralled by a book about fly fishing than I was with Simon Copper’s debut work, Life Of A chalkstream, a book I just could not put down. It is a simple story beautifully told about the resurrection of a Hampshire chalkstream called the River Evitt,…
    John Gierach’s latest book, All Fishermen Are Liars, lives up to the sort of writing we have come to expect from him; meaning entertaining and interesting, often poetic and contemplative, laced with his own brand of sardonic wit and his masterful use of the surprise one-liner. Let me…