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JANUARY 2014 IMAGES –Reflections, river bed tapestries, road signs, a guest photographer, using a 100 mm macro on the river

Sunday, 02 February 2014 06:11


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466 Smalblaar River copy

The Smalblaar River Western Cape Province

233 Sterkspruit angler6-1

The bridge above Branksome Eastern Cape Highlands

287 Birkhall Dam DSC 0761

Dead tree in Birkhall Dam Eastern Cape Highlands

222 Banana Dam Highland Lodge  023-1

Mark Yelland on Banana Dam near Dordrecht

211 Owl Dam Highland lodge IMG 5874

Owl Dam Highland Lodge Eastern Cape

277 Bokspruit River reflections DSC 1147

Bokspruit River Eastern Cape Highlands

Riverbed tapestries

Riverbed tapestries are something most anglers enjoy, varying as they do from river to river, some dark and sombre, others dancing with light and colour. The pictures here I have taken over the years in streams in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape Highlands and they make me realise I have not photographed nearly as many riverbeds as I should have. That’s often because cameras didn’t come to mind at the time, or if they did, it was too much hassle to sling the backpack off to haul out a camera. I have made shooting more riverbed patinas my chief New Year’s resolution. (You have to be hard on yourself choosing New Year’s resolutions, you know!)


456 trout over bright pebbles

423 tapestry of a riverbed

453 tapestry of a riverbed

493 tapestry of a riverbed

476 trout over bright pebbles

Road signs

767 UI 778 12

On the road to the Lindesfarne bridge

767 DSC 0829-1

On the road up the Sterkspruit Valley

773 896 9984b

Kraai River Pass

771 098 8BT 1

Between Beaufort West and Aberdeen

Guest photographer Darryl Lampert’s images

Darryl submitted these lovely images on my request. I have long been an admirer of his camera work on fly waters. In fact I think I may just have been responsible – at least in part – for stimulating his interest in fly fishing photography.

5 DL click

Click reels

5 DL decisions

Decision, decisions

5 DL IMG 8794

Still life with reel and net

5 DL Rise

The Rise

Using a 100 mm macro lens on rivers

I used just one lens on the stream the other day, a Canon 100 mm macro. It sounds a strange choice, but it has merit. Firstly I was able to shoot the Choroterpes mayflies we saw and I also got a few very useable close-up pictures of trout. The 100 mm macro also makes a marvellous general purpose lens when you are little way off your subject.  Here are some of the 100 mm images from the day:

823 tROUT rELEASE IMG 9832

Trout at hand

899 macrotroutheadIMG 9811

Trout close up

819 Choroterpes mayfly IMG 0903

Choroterpes Mayfly


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