New South African on-line fly magazine !

New South African on-line fly magazine !

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 14:18



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From Pieter Taljaard and Colin Campbell:

Statements are for politicians. 

Our mission is to represent fly fishing as more than just a way to catch fish. Vagabond Fly Mag will showcase passion, lifestyle, detail and fun and, of course, some fly fishing by some pretty good anglers.

It is not that we believe that what is currently available isn’t adequate, just that we want to reflect another side of what South Africa has to offer the ‘Vagabond’ fly fisher. 


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Pieter Taljaard and Colin Campbell

Content will not be published to fill our pages and meet deadlines. We believe our readers deserve material of the highest calibre that is innovative, informative and trending. We won’t forget to have fun, be painstakingly critical of our material and we will only publish kick-ass content. Here’s to remaining purposefully lost!


The editors are Pieter Taljaard and Colin Campbell,  terminally addicted fly fishers who want Vagabond Fly Mag to reflect their passion. 

Launch Date: Tuesday, 1 July 2014. 

Website Address:

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