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A day on the Bushman's and Lotheni

Monday, 24 October 2011 12:19

 A day on the Bushman's and Lotheni by Jan Korrubel

I had Darryl Lampert visit with me last weekend, and we planned a day each on the Bushman’s and Lotheni Rivers.  The Bushman's on Saturday exceeded all expectations. It was one of those days when we lost count of the fish brought to hand and we probably lost just as many to on-off's.  They were all smallish fish, the biggest probably 10 inches or so, all but one on dry fly!  Darryl was keen to try the Lotheni on Sunday, and it was a bit more difficult, not helped by the inclement weather that came through, but I am pleased to report we didn't come home empty handed!  I got two fish to hand (lost a further two), and Darryl got four to hand.  Lovely looking water though. On the right day this stream must cook!


Darryl Lampert on the Bushman's River





The Lotheni


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