Yet More Sweet Days – Notes from an fly fisher's Life

Yet More Sweet Days – Notes from a fly fisher's Life

My latest book, Yet More Sweet Days, was delivered to my home this week. The finished product is lovely. The book has a feel of comfortable sumptuousness, the cover is pleasantly evocative and the pen and ink sketches have been expertly reproduced.




The book will be available in bookstores and fly shops throughout the country and from Craig Thom at Net Books, as well as directly from myself. If you want a personalised copy, or just want to know more about the book, please drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">



To order please send your physical address and your cell phone number. This is for the courier company that will be delivering the orders for me.

Yet More Sweet Days sells for R320 and the courier cost is R70 (for up to three books per courier bag).

To pay for an order my bank details are:

Account Freestone Press, Standard Bank, Rondebosch, code 025009, Account number 071483861.



Sketch from the book


Orders from overseas countries

There is a R300 courier fee for each copy sent anywhere in the world.

To pay for overseas orders, such as through PayPal, please contact me directly by email at the above address.

The book will also soon be available as print-on-demand copies in many overseas countries.


Online sales links

Here are the online sales links:

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  • Books I have written

    I have written six books on fly fishing and carry stock of three of them, The Elements of Fly Tying, Shadows on the Stream Bed and Hunting Trout (second edition). The first three books are out of print.

    The Elements of Fly Tying, Shadows on the Stream Bed and Hunting Trout can be purchased directly from me and at your request I will personalise your copy and add a small pen and ink sketch at no additional price. Many of the fly shops also stock copies.

    I post each book in a purpose made cardboard container for safe passage and will refund you or replace a book if it is in any way damaged in transit.

    How to get your copy and the cost of the books


    Each of my books sell for R205. That used to include packaging and postage within South Africa, but since the price went through the roof it no longer does. Please add R45 to each order. This will cover any parcel of up to three books.

    I get many orders from overseas buyers and provide an accurate estimate of postal costs in the relevant currency involved.

    Obtaining a book

    Simply email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request and any instructions regarding personalisation. I will post the book to you along with the tracking number and the link for you to follow the book’s progress through the post office on line. Payment can be made up front, preferably by internet transfer, or on receipt of the book. My banking details are

    Freestone Press
    Standard Bank
    Code: 025009
    Account No: 071 483 861

    I get many orders from overseas buyers and always provide them with an exact quote on the postage costs to foreign countries.

    About my books

    The Elements of Fly Tying - 206 pages with every fly tying step illustrated with line drawings

    With the writing of The Elements of Fly Tying I had only two things in mind - to take a complete novice and teach him or her all the key basic fly tying principles, step by step, in easily understandable stages. The intention is that after you have read this book you will be able to tie any fly you want and will have a command of all the basic principles of fly tying. My second intention was to cover the most popular flies used in South Africa today and to possibly teach the 'old hands' a few neat tricks!

    Hunting Trout – 447 pages with copious pen and ink sketches

    Now in its second edition and sporting a new cover, Hunting Trout has become a best seller in fly fishing circles in South Africa and abroad. My intention with the book was to distil what I have learned in a life spent fly fishing, but at the same time, make the book readable and good fun. It seems from the reports and steady sales ever since that I achieved my first objective. I also wanted the book to introduce anglers to the vast landscapes and superb fly fishing in the Eastern Cape Highlands of South Africa, around towns like Barkly East and Rhodes and over across the mountain, around Maclear and Ugie. As it turned out that objective was also achieved. I have had countless emails from anglers, most of whom I don’t know, thanking me for the book and telling me what a great discovery it helped them make!

    Shadows on the Stream Bed – 383 pages with many pen and ink sketches

    This is my latest book and it takes up where Hunting Trout left off. After writing Hunting Trout and seeing it published, a whole heap of omissions came to mind – like fly fishing photography for example – plus I discovered there was a lot more I wanted to say about fly tying and fishing techniques than I had said in the 400 plus pages of Hunting Trout!