This week's fly-fishing report from KZN guide, Jan Korrubel

This week's fly-fishing report from KZN guide, Jan Korrubel

Monday, 11 May 2015 12:19


The long-weekend brought a few return visitors to the Midlands of Natal, and I am happy to report that their visits were not in vain.  Shaun Futter from Durban has been missing from the fishing scene for some time, but got a proper hog of a fish to get himself back on the books; water and fly remain unnamed!

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15 05 03 Shaun Futter

Shaun Futter

Brett Giles and Deon Nel from up north found themselves unable to stay away after visiting on a previous long-weekend. Brett landed a lovely stillwater brown trout up at Lake Lyndhurst, and Deon finding himself among the rainbows on a Kamberg stillwater.

15 05 03 Brett Giles

Brett Giles

15 05 03 Deon Nel 2

Deon Nel

This week saw The Midlands regain some sense of quietude.  After the cold snap that arrived with Easter that sent water temperatures plummeting to 11-13 deg. C, a spell of positively balmy weather has put the water temperatures back up to 13-15 deg. C.

A report yesterday from visiting Durban angler Brett Webber mentioned fish feeding on small black flying ants.  Riaan Theart, fishing in the central Drakensberg area, had a fruitful start to his day bringing some beautifully spotted rainbows to hand.

15 05 10 Riaan Theart Royal Natal 1

Riaan Theart's lovely rainbows

15 05 10 Riaan Theart Royal Natal 2

No incoming news on the rivers, but I will be able to provide a first-hand account for next week as I have a guide booking for the Bushman’s River later in the week.

The weather forecast predicted rain on Sunday, but after a cloudy start, by midday it was mostly clear and warming up. However, a couple hours later and it was indeed spitting.  Reports on indicate that there have been snowfalls up in central Lesotho, as well as at the top of the Sani Pass.  The forecast is for 5mm rain tomorrow with cooler temperatures until mid-week, and warming up again later in the week.

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