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Pete Brigg's paragraph

Monday, 12 July 2010 16:44

Peter Brigg and KZN small streams

Pieter Taljaard, Grant Visser and Phil Hills in the Mhlwazini Valley


Peter Brigg offers an interesting take on his passion for small streams, specifically in his learning that we never stop learning. I’ve said, and not just once either, that I’d give up fly fishing when I knew it all, but that’s the sort of bold statement you can make when you know for sure it's never going to happen! The closest I’ve ever seen anyone reach this sublime, but surreal state, is Ed Herbst. His book knowledge of fly fishing is staggering, enough to earn him a professorial chair at Oxford. In fact, if they had an inkling of what’s in Ed’s head, Oxford would launch a department of Fly Fishing and give him a professorial chair tomorrow, if only to go one up on Penn State University who already went that route years ago and I’m not making that up (see http://live.psu.edu/story/10802) So here’s Pete’s paragraph and I like it so much – and the pictures – I’ll ask him to send me a monthly ‘Pete’s Paragraph’!


Pete Brigg writes...

'In small stream fishing there always seems to be an insatiable hunger for more knowledge. It leads to a better understanding and skill, from the early fumbling attempts at casting and presentation, to fooling even the most difficult wild trout. How many questions, even apparently insignificant questions but telling ones, have led from the then to the now and what a fun journey it has been. My passion for small stream fly fishing now seems so logical; a natural progression from not knowing to knowing. But, it doesn’t end there and part of growth is learning how to learn? To assimilate, to modify and to adapt – it’s a never-ending process.’


Phil Hills and Pieter Taljaard on the Mhlwazini River


Phil Hills fishing the pretty mKhomazi River


Elusive brown trout


mKhomazi River brown


See Pete Brigg's celebration of fly fishing in his glorious book, 'Call of the Stream' in the menu under Friend's Pages on this link...

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