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 Submitted by Murray Peddar of Flyfishers Unlimited


Greenfield, MA – November, 2013.  Following up on a very busy 2013, USA fly rod maker, Thomas & Thomas, is pleased to announce further new products for the 2014 season.

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All New NS II Series – Fast action fly rods for big water, big winds and big fish. T&T’s best selling ‘No Sanctuary’ rods have been modified and upgraded with improved components and extended to salmon, steelhead and saltwater sizes, 905-4, 906-4, 966-4, 967-4, 968-4, 1007-4 and 1008-4 with prices starting at $800.

ATSthomasand thomas331-2

All New ATS Series – Medium fast action fly rods in longer lengths for ‘advanced trout situations’ requiring extra stealth, reach, line control and tip sensitivity. More than just a nymphing rod the ATS is available in 1003-4, 1004-4, 1005-4, 1103-4, 1104-4 and 1105-4 with prices starting at $800.


sOLARThomas and Thmas6

All New SOLAR Series – Fast action, flagship saltwater fly rods optimized for typical flats scenario’s. Developed in conjunction with some of the best saltwater tournament guides and featuring a raft of new technologies in 906-4, 907-4, 908-4, 909-4, 910-4, 911-4 and 912-4 with prices starting at $800.


DNASWITHthomas and thomasd

All New DNA Switch Series – Medium fast, progressive actions for true single hand or double hand versatility. Smooth actions, high spec components and beautiful cosmetics in 1004-4, 1005-4, 1006-4, 1007-4, 1008-4, 1105-4, 1106-4 and 1107-4 with prices starting at $860.

Two New Models DNA Spey Series – Addition of two new models in 1195-4 and 1266-4 to reflect the widening application of two-handed techniques and the growing number of trout and warm water anglers fishing ‘Down ‘N Across’. Prices start at $960.



Two New Models DNA XD Series – Addition of further ‘Extra Deep’ loading two handers for the ‘sustained anchor’ caster fishing heavy tips for salmon and steelhead. 1167-4 and 1338-4 with prices starting at $960.

All the new rods will be available from T&T authorized dealers and at from November 1st, 2013.

Commenting on the launch of these new products, new co-owner of T&T, Mark Richens said.

“The revitalization of the Thomas & Thomas product line-up continues, with 2014 another big year for new product introductions. We now have leading edge products across all key areas from light presentation trout rods, through to the largest two-hander’s and everything in between.

We have focused upon three key areas – blank technology, market leading components and refined but contemporary cosmetics and have made breakthrough improvements in each area. Most of our rods now feature latest generation high modulus materials with improved binding resins. We’ve reduced the weight of all components and spec’ed our rods to the max with exotic wood spacers, titanium stripping guides on all models and either Snake Brand Universal or RECoil guides across the board. “

About Thomas & Thomas:

Born in 1969, of an obsession to create the world’s finest fly rods, Thomas & Thomas strive to set the standard for craftsmanship, performance and aesthetics in rod making. From a small shop in rural New England, Thomas & Thomas builds timeless classics from bamboo and fiberglass and modern masterpieces incorporating the latest graphite technologies.

For more information contact Murray Peddar on 011 4672035 or FlyFishers Unlimited at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Note: From time to time I will publish new product listings for the general interest of anglers, but I personally do not endorse any fly fishing products at all. The merit of any product is up to the individual angler to establish. That way – apart from the sale of my books and my art – this website remains entirely non-commercial. Tom Sutcliffe)

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