The Third Edition of Hunting Trout arrives

Sunday, 13 December 2020 13:57

This week Tandym Print dropped off 300 copies of the new edition of Hunting Trout and I started filling out courier forms for pre-orders right away, a laborious but rewarding task.


The book looks and feels far better than I had hoped for, the cover, the print, the reproduction of the sketches, the paper used, all really top class. The book was put together by layout and design specialists Sean Robertson and Ania Rokita and their aim was to make it a twin of Yet More Sweet Days, although it is a slightly longer book at 514 versus the 471 pages of Yet More Sweet Days.

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I have redone the drawings throughout the book to add interest and to better inform the content.

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Steve Boshoff has kindly written a special foreword for this edition, although the original foreword by Nick Lyons remains. In addition, having reflected on why I came to write this book in the first place, and what the book has meant to me and to a few anglers I know, I have added a sort of preface or prologue to the new edition.

Then there were a few gremlins in the original text that we have hopefully corrected.

The book sells for R320 excluding postage.

I prefer to use a courier service for speed and security of delivery. This is an overnight service at a cost of R100. To more distant towns the cost of delivery can go up to R140 and it's best to ask for a quote.

In addition, the book will be available from Xplorer Fly Fishing, Frontier Fly Fishing, The Angler and Antelope (Alan Hobson), both Mavungana Fly Fishing stores and The Kingfisher.

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